Before you purchase:
1. Make sure your phone's WAP/GPRS/EDGE connectivity is enabled and configured properly. Solitaire Premium can only be downloaded over-the-air, directly to your phone.
2. Please download the free Solitaire first, to make sure you can install and run the game after you buy the full version. Continue with your order only if you are satsfied with how Solitaire runs on your phone.
3. Please choose the exact device model to avoid download problems. If your device is not in the list please let us know at wireless@odesys.com

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Solitaire Premium for iNQ Mini 3GProduct: Solitaire Premium for iNQ Mini 3G
Device: iNQ Mini 3G change
Version: 1.0.3
File Size: 83 KB
Price: $ 3.00
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